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Posted by chakrabarti on August 14, 2008

Illuminating Outlook piece (timely in view of the upcoming Indian Independence Day) detailing the attitudes of the expatriate desi community-at-large here in the good-ole-U.S. of A. A point that may need to be raised is this right-wing nationalist-religious amalgam is not limited to Indians, or other South Asian groups, but can be found in other ethnic groups such as diaspora Jews and Turks, to quote two examples.

However, the closing statement, attributed to Prof. Sumit Ganguly, baffles. “Fashionable left-wing and post-modernist jargon that heaps contempt on the rest has to be avoided“. Without citing any evidence of such “post-modernist jargon”, this has an awfully familiar ring to it i.e. the elitist charge hurled at leftists/liberal arguments in the context of domestic US politics.

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