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Thaw, Baby, Thaw..

Posted by chakrabarti on January 14, 2011

Barack Obama takes some more [sensible, may I add] baby steps towards easing the Cuba embargo. Fact is though, the existing policy towards a small island nation off the coast of Florida makes little sense, given that the Cold War ended more than 20 years ago [the dubious proposition of whether the embargo was introduced to overthrow the communist regime is outside the scope of discussion of this particular blog post]. There’s been predictable protests from the usual suspects, such as hawkish Republican congressmen, on how this would perpetuate survival of the Castro regime. That sounds about right, given the incredible success of undermining the Cuban government through economic and travel restrictions put in place for the last 5 decades.

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Thank God for Partition!

Posted by chakrabarti on September 29, 2007

That’s the gist of what this guy is trying to say

If I were him, I would also say Thank God for the following events:

  • Thank God for the accompanying mass migration and slaughter that accompanied this decision
  • Thank the Almighty for perpetual war (at least a state of fragile, very cold peace) between 2 nations, now both of whom possess nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles
  • Thank heavens for the ethnic cleansing in East Pakistan/Bangladesh in ’70-’71.
  • Thank Jehovah for the disastrous forward policy of supporting Afghan (and plenty of non-Afghans) mujahedins against the Soviets in the ’80s, a policy enabled by an overeager Pakistani General (and oh, what a splendid sequel that conflict has spawned in the world today!!!)
  • Thank the Creator for the support/benign neglect of the US which has been providing armaments to our enemies and turned a blind eye to the Pakistani nuclear program.

The author says he is devoid of north Indian sentimentality when it comes to the subject of dealing with Pakistan, given that he is from the “deep south” as he terms it. I didn’t being a “deep Southerner” meant you didn’t have the capacity to think thru what you are saying as well!

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