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Dear Emperor Nero

Posted by chakrabarti on February 20, 2016

I understand the purpose of open letters is not to persuade the person to which you are addressing it of the correctness of your arguments. Rather, it is a device used to engage a broader audience under the pretext of a one-on-one communication. Regardless, the tone of such “Dear Mr. Modi” pieces often irritate me. Exactly what are the chances that a dude who built his political career around maintaining a strategic silence on targeted violence is going to perform a “mea culpa” on reading one of these articles? Chances are when even the Supreme Court personally calling you out on being an expert fiddler hasn’t made a difference to your career prospects, op-eds penned in news websites can hardly convince you to restrain the dogs of state institutions that have been unleashed on hapless kids in their 20s.

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