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Overhyped #TOIFail

Posted by chakrabarti on November 24, 2009

Another Manmohan Singh meeting with a US President, another in a series of meaningless TOI inferences, having little relation to or bearing on reality.

“..Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Monday threw down the gauntlet to Washington, Islamabad and perhaps even Beijing and other world capitals that India would not be budged from pursuing its interests in Afghanistan..”

Ah yes, such determination was shown by PM Singh. And what might have prompted such a “throwing of the gauntlet”? These were the words used by Singh: “The road to peace on Afghanistan will be long and hard. But given the high stakes involved, the commitment of the international community must be sustained by firm resolve and unity of purpose.” It’s about the most cliched rhetoric you are ever likely to hear about the Afghan situation, really amounting to nothing. “Firm resolve” and “unity of purpose” are meaningless buzzwords, akin to “freedom” and “democracy” and “ancient civilizations” that are thrown around in boilerplate speeches delivered all the time by politicians on the world stage.

The larger point in all this is, Singh’s cautious statement about a potential withdrawal of American troops from the region, is hardly a “challenge” that has been issued to the US, Pakistan, China or some other country. It’s highly unlikely that Obama and his national security advisers shall be swayed one way or the other by a vague statement from the Indian head of government, and India’s premier newspaper should not be overhyping it’s significance.

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