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The line gets blurred even more…

Posted by chakrabarti on September 23, 2007

I may be swimming against the tide here, but I am not all that enthralled with 20/20, or to quote Navjot Sidhu on this, the “underwear” version of cricket. It seems sport has been completely co-opted by show-business (not that there’s anything wrong with that… or maybe there is). The crowd-appeasing free-hits (the equivalent of capital punishment for bowlers), the bowl-outs (surely, there have to be better ways to imitate football, which by the way, uses them only for KNOCK-OUT rounds, NOT at the round-robin stage!), the cheerleaders in skimpy outfits who dance up and down the podiums each time the ball crosses the ropes, surely this is more apt in the American Superbowl.

Yes, those sixes are exhilarating to watch when they are coming from Indian players, but surely you must feel sorry for the bowler(s) on the receiving end if you have a heart! The fact that after the first few overs, nothing short offull-yorker length is acceptable bowling, only tells you of the one-dimensional aspect of the game this version showcases.

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