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(S)electing a President…

Posted by chakrabarti on August 22, 2007

I watched YouTube clips of one of the recent Democratic debates. A striking (and revealing) moment was at the start when the moderator addressed first question to the candidates by saying that the two most important questions that had come up in the campaign were…

a) whether Barack Obama was experienced enough to be President

b) whether Hillary Clinton was too polarizing to win a general election

Wow! One would think the issues most Democratic voters cared about might be, say, ending the occupation of Iraq, or providing universal health care, neogtiating a peaceful settlement of all issues with Iran, a just solution to Israel-Palestine, fighting Bin Laden’s followers in Afghanistan etc. etc…

But no… those apparently aren’t the most important issues facing voters. At least that’s what the professional punditocracy is going on about. Why let primary voters make rational decisions about choosing a candidate based on their policies and positions on actual issues of concern? Why not instead throw out some issues of “character” so the public can be distracted instead?

Another interesting way of introducing the candidates to the audience was by mentioning their up-to-date poll ratings. That way people know who’s to be taken seriously and who’s not. Tell you, democracy is such a chore with all these choices! Why not just sit back and punch your ballot for one of the two or three pre-selected candidates who have already gone through a through vetting process by intellectuals, ensuring none of them can rock the boat once elected to office.

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