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The truth shall set Haneef free…

Posted by chakrabarti on July 27, 2007

After all the hysteria, speculation and empty rhetoric sparked by Dr. Haneef’s arrest on terrorism charges in Brisbane, Australia, we finally learn that the investigating authorities there “committed a mistake“. A bungling, in other words. They obviously could not find anything to link him to his former flat mates in England, those who planned the Glasgow bombings. Haneef is set to walk free soon and even stay on in Australia. That is, of course, the Australian govt. can come up with some other innovative excuse to keep him in its immigration detention center.

Consider the stupidity of Haneef’s charges, now to be dropped. Apparently, this mastermind of the UK bombing plot provided “reckless” support to his former roomies by providing them with – drums rolling – a SIM card. Now that has conspiracy written all over it. After all, if Haneef hadn’t provided a SIM card to those folks, there’s no way they could have attempted to pull this off, could they (let’s ignore the fact that the cell phone was lying at one of the bombers’ home and played no role in triggering off the blasts)?

The right course of action would be for John Howard to issue a public apology on behalf of the Australian government for the wrongful arrest and even more outrageous visa revocation and his subsequent detention at an immigration prison. Being George W’s sheriff patrolling the Australian waters, I am confident he shall do no such thing.

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